Duka Consulting Inc. guides and assists developers with new condominium projects from inception to completion. We efficiently navigate the myriad detail inherent in new construction including government approvals, legal matters, sales and marketing, and condominium corporation registration.

The Condominium Development and Launch Process

Step 1 – Project Design

  • Provide a development manager consultant
  • Recommend and build a strong project team of consultants, surveyors, architects, planners and lawyers
  • Assess required municipal and provincial applications for the project
  • Contribute to the preliminary budget and maintenance fees preparation, including reserve fund contribution and utilities budgeting
  • Assist the architect and developer with operational design review for optimum function, layout and accessibility

Step 2 - Sales & Marketing

  • Ensure that “form follows function” is applied to all design
  • Develop or collaborate on marketing and sales strategies including location, project type, demographics, income level, affordability
  • Recommend and assemble a marketing and sales team
  • Prepare or revise disclosure statement and schedules
  • Determine maintenance fee cost, and consultation and market assessment
  • Coordinate budget schedules with other involved parties
  • Assess risk
  • Assist in Tarion application submissions

Step 3 – Construction

  • Coordinate with architect and planner on project applications, zoning amendments, site plan approval, and building permits
  • Ensure upgrades and amendments are communicated to purchasers and architects
  • Contribute to the systems design for building access and security, waste removal, and utilities sub-metering
  • Arrange utilities and communications accounts

Step 4 – Planning & Legal

  • Participate in site meetings and monitor the project’s progress
  • Manage relationships and communications among developers, consultants and purchasers
  • Follow up on the draft plan application
  • Follow up on Agreement of Purchase and Sales (APS) conditions

Step 5 – Pre-Registration

  • Lead and coordinate condo draft plan approval process
  • Ensure that all parties meet all application conditions
  • Coordinate workflow with the surveyor, lawyer, consultants and the land title registry office during pre-registration
  • Coordinate and implement the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) schedule
  • Monitor the Tarion warranty application
  • Perform pre-delivery inspection with purchasers and update Tarion’s online service for vendors and builders, Builder Link.
  • Coordinate occupancy dates with purchasers, developer and lawyer(s)
  • Prepare interim fees
  • Arrange building start-up services
  • Arrange and assist new owner moves

Step 6 – Registration

  • Assist with registration of the condominium and coordinate with the surveyor, building departments, lawyers and the land title registry office
  • Review and confirm occupancy for parking and locker numbering, legal and municipal unit numbering, and maintenance fee schedules
  • Follow up on site plan conditions
  • Coordinate final closing with the lawyer(s), developer, purchasers and condominium corporation

Step 7 – Post-Registration

  • Ensure turnover of units is in accordance with the Condominium Act, 1998  timeline
  • Re-confirm approval of building maintenance and service contracts
  • Communicate with new Board of Directors
  • Arrange a performance audit
  • Initiate Tarion warranty of common elements

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