Operational Services

Duka Property Management Inc. provides complete operational services, including:

  • 24-hour emergency monitoring and service
  • Coordinating information with all parties
  • Supervising all trades and suppliers
  • Overseeing personnel hiring, training, supervision
  • Determining workload and preparing schedules
  • Evaluating staffing requirements
  • Inspecting properties each month
  • Implementing preventative maintenance programs
  • Establishing emergency plans and communicating fire safety instructions
  • Obtaining insurance and valuation appraisals
  • Administering and supervising contract tendering
  • Managing energy efficiencies for cost-savings
  • Ensuring properties meet government regulations

Financial Services

At Duka Property Management Inc., we know that sound financial management is essential. Here are some of the financial services we provide:

  • Monthly financial statements
  • Complete accounting services as per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Processing accounts receivable and payable
  • Timely common element fee collection
  • Payroll/benefit administration of condominium corporation employees
  • Detailed operating budgets
  • Revenue and expenditure control and analysis
  • Computerized reporting systems via cutting-edge software
  • Investment of condominium surplus funds
  • Reserve fund study reviews
  • Organization of financial information for auditors

Administrative Services

Duka Property Management Inc. has established strict standards for proper record-keeping and filing of condominium corporation records and documents.

Here is how Duka can help with your building’s administration:

  • Enforcing the Condominium Act,1998, declaration, by-laws and rules
  • Managing sensitive issues and relationships with tact and diplomacy
  • Preparing status certificates
  • Preparing electronic logs and spreadsheets for status certificates and building inspections
  • Collection of common element fees and accounts in arrears
  • Organizing all condominium meetings
  • Attending all regular board of director meetings
  • Providing monthly management reports to the board
  • Maintaining client documents and records such as owner’s lists, trades list, contract summary, annual budget planning guide and site information sheets
  • Assistance with welcome packages for all new residents

Customer Service

Duka Property Management Inc. exceeds customer service expectations with:

  • Innovative and sophisticated software solutions
  • Detailed and customized reporting for clients and residents
  • Experienced employees who specialize in property management
  • Professional customer service staff both onsite and in head office
  • Advice and information for newly-elected board members
  • Bulk purchase and service discounts
  • Informed service and management staff who have instant access to technical knowledge
  • Welcome programs for new residents
  • Mail and courier package pick up services for residents
  • Readily available property managers
  • 24-hour emergency service coverage
  • Environmental initiatives and energy efficiency programs
  • 24-hour senior management support

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